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You will help support the local community in a variety of ways. You will help put on community events such as, concerts, lectures, fairs and more. You are not only donating to the Slate Quarry Park, you are giving back and helping your community. To donate, please click the button below.

*The Slate Quarry Park is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, holding  fundraising events and applying for grants in collaboration with the town of Poultney and other organizations.

How You Can Help


Slate Quarry Park has a Go Fund Me account dedicated to raising funds to develop and establish our beautiful park. Donate today and help make this dream a reality.


The Slate Quarry Park Group recently  auctioned off 10 slate benches and one lot of 50 slate tiles. The auction raised $2,570 which will be used toward the design and construction of your Slate Quarry Park.


Slate Quarry Park Team knows that financial support isn’t always readily available. That is okay! Sharing our goals and stories with your friends and family helps. Share on Facebook @SlateQuarryPark.

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